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Access to video games for people with disabilities

On a global scale, video games brought in 152 billion dollars in 2019, far exceeding the revenue of every other entertainment industry. To date, more than 55 million Nintendo Switch (and counting) have been sold, over 46 million Xbox One units, and more than 108 million PS4. And that's only for the current generation of consoles.

Technologies continue their spectacular evolution. Manufacturers regularly offer new generations of consoles, always more powerful and innovative. New technologies are emerging and will participate in revolutionizing video games, in particular virtual reality. The explosion of mobile gaming has transformed smartphones into inescapable gaming platforms…

What place for players with disabilities?

There are more than 2.5 billion gamers in the world. In the USA and most European countries, 2 persons out of 3 play every day. All age groups and all profiles are represented. Well, almost all…

After several years meeting and talking to countless gamers and non-gamers alike, we have been convinced that part of the population is in difficulty when it comes to access to video games: people with disabilities.

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Understanding and responding to the needs of players with disabilities

According to The World Bank, 1 billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability. Through this extensive survey, we wish to obtain information on the habits and expectations of people with disabilities, in order to participate in improving their conditions of access to video games.

Objectives of the survey:
  • Understand the expectations of players with disabilities,
  • Determine hardware and software shortcomings.
Objectives of Be Player One:
  • Offer assistive technologies adapted to all,
  • Raise awareness, and support video game professionals,
  • Inform players about accessibility features in video games.

In summary: help building a more inclusive society, through the participation of people with disabilities in leisure activities!

We are counting on you!

The more participants we have in this survey, the stronger our message to public institutions and video game professionals. If you have a disability, interested or not in video games, you can participate in our study and disseminate it massively!

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The survey is also intended for disability professionals, and relatives of people with disabilities.

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Be Player One

Video game solutions for everyone

Video games are fun and can be very frustrating when the player is unable to enjoy them. Like a large number of gamers, Maxime Viry, founder of Be Player One, found himself facing the impossibility of playing video games for more than 15 years, due to constraints related to his disability.

Faced with this bitter observation and the difficulty of finding suitable solutions, Maxime has assembled a team of experts in disability, digital technology and engineering, to create video game solutions adapted to gamers with disabilities:

  • Innovative hardware: we design gaming devices adapted to all forms of disabibilities,
  • Video game makers: we offer to developers and publishers a range of tools to optimize accessibility features for all players.
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